MISSION: Good Skin

MISSION: Good Skin has begun. There is a massive gap in medical level skincare product that helps with everyday conditions. When we feel we look better, we are better. Bridging the connection between the Mind + Skin. This new medical product will be just like an affordable lotion or mask that can be used everyday.

Why has it never been created before? Because it too expensive for most entrepreneurs. Filing with the FDA on new medical products is expensive. Big Pharma basically makes what they can sell to doctors for prescriptions. This is what makes it expensive to the consumer.

Mettalusso + @thechristinereport is changing the status quo! Funds go to support the project and company operations.check http://www.mettalusso.com and Donor Complimentary Gifts located at http://www.mettalusso.square.site + if you would like additional information. Thank you!
#crowdfunding #kickstarter #money #skincare #selfesteem #wellness #dermatology #acne #psychodermatology

Christine C Oddo founder of Mettalusso
your grateful author

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