Tossing the Bathroom Scale -and The Wellness Obsession

Whenever I see a striking image, my mind starts to flow. Out for the usual morning run- turned the corner and my eyes landed on this site. Each run is its own daily journey. Got me to thinking that wellness is a journey too. Monitoring weight is a good thing. Obsessing over the daily read out may not be. It can be unhealthy.

It’s a catch-22. How to try to manage one’s health, but not be too obsessed over it. Trying to lose weight, or manage weight by nature, well, it requires some obsession.

Its a big scale. Huge read out. Is it broken? Are they fed up? Did they obtain their goal- and don’t need the scale anymore? Don’t know.

Tossed out weight scale

This pandemic is making us be health-obsessed everyday. Just like the scale, we hear and see a read-out of statistics. And just like watching our weight everyday, we have to try and not catch the virus. Everyday.

Staying well has taken on huge new meanings and dimensions in our lives. Like the daily-repeat read on the scale, each next day challenges us to stay healthy. Stay obsessed with the journey of wellness. See you along the way.

your grateful author

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