Hate Oily Makeup Removers? This Is Why I Created MIST

Created MIST because I am so frustrated by oily red eyes from cleansing off my makeup, so MIST makeup remover is oil free! Also can be used on your face and brushes! SLS free. EU compliant as clean beauty. Vegan too! Formulated with a skin care complex that conditions and strengthens.
Mettalusso Metta means Love. Lusso means Luxury. Free shipping standard in the US. Use code “Mist8” for $8 off.
Awesome gift too! Huge value as a vegan, clean beauty makeup remover and skin care product all-in-one.

Yours truly presenting MIST first thing this Monday morning! Happy Thanksgiving week everyone!


Photo MIST Limo Rockstar

MIST Revolutionary Vegan Clean Beauty Spray Cleanser

Fantastic Gift Too! Give the gift of clean beauty that can be used in so may ways- on eye makeup, face makeup and cosmetic brushes are like fluffy new again. Oil free and skincare complex conditions as it gently cleanses. Use code MIST8 for $8 off. Free standard shipping in the US.


your grateful author

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