Mettalusso Loves Supporting our Influencers!

#gratitude @gracek335 – yesss-you go- check her on So great to #collab with you. Love your share on our all #natural #dogtreat Thank you for all you do, we can’t wait to continue supporting you. Check her awesome preso on our MORE Collection of #dogtreats totally 100% real food, no fillers and natural blueberry flavor. Her #furbaby loves them!!! PS loving the #gucci t-shirt!

Mettalusso loves supporting the #beautycommunity and #influencers + You can find our #cleanbeauty products for people + pets everywhere you love to #shop Mettalusso. Metta means love. Lusso means luxury.

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Mettalusso MORE Collection 100% all natural baked Dog Treats

GraceK335 says it all when she shares how her furbaby whines for these amazing blueberry treats-we get that feedback all the time! Free shipping in the US. Instant $5 off with code ‘love’


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