Masks are Expensive! Cleanse with MIST

Makeup and Dirt on Your Mask? Masks are expensive! Clean them with MIST.

This revolutionary spray cleanser is vegan clean beauty and free from SLS, Oil, Parabens, Cruelty. Formulated with skincare complex. Use it to cleanse Face + Eyes + Brushes + Masks.

MIST is incredible!

For your NON-DISPOSABLE MASKS. Not for disposables.

1 Cut- 1 Set of Photos. NO Retakes! 1 and Done. Actual Cleansing Video and Photos.


*Spray Directly on Mask

*Thoroughly and Gently Massage with Fingers; the Micro Foam Action into Soiled Area

*Rinse Gently with Cool Water

*Pat Excess Moisture

*Air Dry

Free Shipping Always in the US. Enter Code LOVE for $5 off your order.

MIST Revolutionary Spray Vegan Clean Beauty Cleanser

Vegan Clean Beauty. Universal Makeup Remover. Spray Cleanser-nothing like it. Use on Eyes + Face + Brushes + Masks! Free Shipping Always in The US. At enter code LOVE for $5 off your order.


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