Defining Vegan + Clean Beauty- The Mettalusso Matrix

In the topic of clean beauty, this is an important share.

Clean Beauty is an interesting topic. There is no legal definition. I created Mettalusso with a Mission as the World’s First Company of Vegan + Clean Products for People + Pets.

Based on this Mission, Mettalusso has established a first-of-kind method for curating Clean Beauty.

You and Your Pet are at the center! Then, I listen to the 4 Most Critical Sources of Global Information and Standards.

– International Law

– Innovation

– Retailer’s Policies

– Thought Leaders

Mettalusso starts with International Law, because it is well known that the EU has the highest standards for allowed ingredients.

I also wanted to create the most dynamic and cutting-edge platform possible. Static restricted ingredient lists, worn-out phrases and fear-based jargon are far too present throughout. Mettalusso exceeds these overused tracks with solid reasoning that keeps up with the fast-track of product opportunities.

Beauty is a fast moving business! I believe this approach creates the perfect platform: It creates full transparency, trust, standardization and speed to bring you and your pet the newest vegan + clean beauty formulas available.

Finally- product is curated with high standards for performance with Luxury and Glamour!

No other brand has developed a method like this!

This is what it looks like in a graphic. This is ‘The Mettalusso Matrix’.

If you would like to learn more, DM me or enjoy the website

Your Grateful Author

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