Butch the french Bulldog- Our Newest Influencer!

Butch is our latest influencer! He loves our Blueberry Organic Baked Treats. He also loves his makeup artists “momager @thebeautytherapistmua on Instagram.

We love having Butchie on the Mettalusso team.

The Mettalusso MORE Collection for pets is all natural treats and world’s 1st #cleanbeauty brand for pets!

Mettalusso is the world’s 1st clean beauty + vegan for pets!

Blueberry Natural Flavored/Organic Dog Treats

Baked with all natural flavoring and free of corn, wheat, fillers synthetic preservatives and non-GMO. Dogs totally love them! With anti-oxidants for skin and fur support.


Your Grateful Author http://www.mettalusso.com

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