Mettalusso Shares series- Instant Makeup Techniques from our INfluencers!

Mettalusso Shares’ series. This is where we give makeup technique inspo from our influencers.Love how @muajazmine used one of our favorite editorial and editorial tricks. Match an element of your makeup with something in your clothing or an accessory. Here she pulled it off with that gorgeous shade of red lipstick.Grateful as @muajazmine is using our MULTI VEGAN DUAL TIP EYELINER and MASTER BLENDER ILLUMINATING POWDER. wow #gratitude

Mettalusso Shares series


Clean Beauty + Vegan Pressed Powder. So beautiful, so natural. Fine texture no flyaway. Perfect to highlight or blend and finish your total look.


MULTI Vegan Dual Tip Eyeliner

Twice the style, twice the options with our vegan dual felt tipped eyeliner in deep black. Definitely follow @muajazmine's inspo and get this look!


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