Dogs are Loving This stay at home life!

What a pair- look who just got their MORE dogtreat from Mettalusso! Marley + Max on a play date today. Pets definitely enjoy the #stayathome life! Those tongues! Our MORE baked biscuits shown are naturally blueberry flavored #grainfree #nongmo #preservativefree with Vitamin E Antioxidants to help keep their hair and skin healthy and beautiful. #dogapproved#dogslife#dogtreats #dogtreat #ilovemydog#dog#dogs_of_instagram#instadog#instagramdogsoftheday#instagramdogs#

Max + Marley photo taken by their Fur Baby Mom
Our Dogs Love Us MORE

MORE Baked Blueberry Biscuit Treats for Dogs

Mettalusso is everyday luxury product for people + pets! We love our dogs and they love us back even MORE. We want to give them our best, so we made our blueberry treat non-gmo and free of grain, corn, preservatives, artificial color or preservatives. Fur babies totally love, love them.


Your grateful author

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