Clean Beauty New Product Alert! Master blender: Clean Beauty + Vegan Illuminating Pressed Powder

New! Blend and Illuminate like never before. The METTALUSSO new pressed powder MASTER BLENDER is an all-over color and finish powder. Use as 1st layer and give yourself a stunning and elegant skin tone warm up that looks so natural.

For all skin tones- Any skin tone will naturally warm up with this universal shade.  This special pigment balance is the perfect blend of warm and cool with a hint of glow. Adds a subtle sheen that seamlessly blends and finishes an entire look. The perfect last step to any makeup routine.

Use as the first layer in your makeup routine. Creates a natural warmth and glow. Use as the last layer to blend and finish for a seamless and balanced look.

No more orange tan look!

METTALUSSO MASTER BLENDER Clean Beauty + Vegan Illuminator and Blending Powder


Use as a top layer to seamlessly blend for your final look. Use as your 1st layer to give a natural warmth and glow to build on.

Extreme must-have. Clean Beauty! Vegan! Paraben Free! Compact decorated like never before- you will always know you are using a clean beauty & vegan product!

From Our MILL COLLECTION of fine pressed powders: MASTER BLENDER

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MASTER BLENDER Vegan + Clean Beauty Illuminating Powder


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