What is the Most Inclusive Force in the Universe? Answer: The Sun

Attention all summer weekend romantics! Question: what is probably the most inclusive force in the universe (besides LOVE)?

Answer: The sun!

All Skin Types and Colors Require SPF!

That’s right. No matter what color your skin, the sun will affect its color. The color of our skin originates from melanin. The easier term for this is pigment, which shows as the external color of our skin.  There is a special cell called a “melanocyte” that is responsible for making our “melanin”. We all have roughly the same number of melanocytes cells. But here is the difference-   while we may all have the same number of melanocytes; we do not all have the same amount of melanin. Our genes determine how much melanin the melanocyte produces.

One of the roles of melanin is to protect our skin from the sun. Think of it as a natural built-in guard to stop and slow over-exposure. The visible darkening of our skin after sun exposure is the proof that it is doing its job protecting us.  However, like anything at work, it reaches a max cap. When our natural melanin reaches its capacity, then darkening, burning, and inflammation kick in.

Does darker skin – this is skin that naturally has more melanin have greater protection from the sun?

Yes, but only to a certain point.

After the melanin reaches its capacity to absorb and protect, all skin, no matter the color, will start to suffer.

If anti-aging is a concern-for both women and men-then sun protection should be a lead move in preserving your good looks. If your overall health is a concern, well this is definitely the next-level reason to use SPF. Skin cancer, like the sun, is an inclusive concern for everyone.

“The visible darkening of our skin after sun exposure is the proof that it is doing its job protecting us.  However, like anything at work, it reaches a max cap.”

The Christine Report August 9 , 2019 http://www.thechristinereport.com

Sun over-exposure also causes, spots, inflammation and reduces the cell’s ability to retain moisture. In other words, it causes wrinkles! So, now you must spend more money on expensive skin care. It’s a vicious cycle. Stop the cycle simply by wearing sunscreen in the 1st place!

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