You Want Clean Beauty- So I Made It For You!

You want clean beauty- Who Doesn’t? MIST is a never-before kind of product. It is the very 1st makeup remover to be certified Clean Beauty + Vegan. (I use a global beauty retailer restricted ingredient list for final formulation of all my clean beauty claim products).

It is also Oil Free, SLS Free , Paraben Free and of course, Cruelty Free. EU approved too! Made in the USA.

AND IT HAS 4 SKINCARE INGREDIENTS! Includes Aloe, Chamomile, Glycosaminoglycans and Sodium PCA for conditioning and strengthening. There is nothing like it! This is a breakthrough formula. Makeup removers truly needed an update. Most are too oily, too harsh or too drying. They can leave eyesight blurry after use. No more red, oily, blurry eyes!

MIST is a mild universal makeup remover that works on eyes, face and makeup brushes. Brushes feel amazingly soft and like new again. Makeup Artists Love This Product!

Special Try Me Code going on now. Enter MIST2020 at checkout for $5 off. Free Shipping Always.

MIST by Mettalusso $26

MIST Clean Beauty + Vegan Oil Free Universal Makeup Remover

Email us anytime with any questions, we respond immediately.


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