Fashion’s Newest Super Model-Social Media Walks the Catwalk PASSING FAD or WARDROBE STAPLE? The Power of Social Media

Source: Burberry Investor Relations-Christopher Bailey, Chief Creative and Chief Executive Officer

Burberry was the first to hire this newest Super Model. Social Media is the catwalk’s new star. Once protected by the great walls of tradition and insular society, the catwalk  a highly protected tube of creativity. Burberry can be credited for this mega shift. Back in 2011, Burberry introduced Twitter to the very first catwalk fashion show. Creative Director Christopher Bailey was intimately involved.

Never before had fans such great intimate access to a show and a brand’s head designer.

It’s also incredible to think that how one of fashion’s oldest brands is one of the industry’s most advanced. Burberry also had the furthest to go. The company started in men’s 1900’s expedition clothing. Now they are a pinnacle of international catwalks.


Burberry 1856
Then, Burberry 1856
Burberry 2012
Now, Burberry 2012
Burberry Aviator Jacket on Model
Burberry Aviator Jacket Today

About ten years ago, when they needed a total brand refresh, Burberry retracted licenses and pulled tons of product from the market.

They successfully restaged the brand from tired to spectacular.

Burberry Prorsum Spring 2012

Great irony here. To restage the brand, Burberry pulled product.

To make it spectacular they do the exact opposite.  They sent their imagery out to the entire world. Connectivity skyrocketed Burberry to a whole new stratosphere.

What does this really mean?


Dolce and Gabbana recently did the same. They went yet another step further.  This time the models, not just the fabulous clothes, are a live part of the process. Live on the runway, supermodels generated selfies.  The photos were instantly displayed on screens everywhere.

Dolce-and-Gabbana-SS1684 Marie Claire UK
Dolce & Gabbana Model on Catwalk Takes Selfie

The social media cat is out of the bag, or should I say on the catwalk. Access to these global powerhouse brands has become really personalized.  Like so many things in life, it seems there is no way back.

Social media on the runway- is it a passing fad or a new wardrobe staple?

My selfie bets on STAPLE.

Dolce & Gabbana “Selfie” Ad Campaign

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