Does Your Favorite Luxury Brand Take Your Advice?

Did you ever make one of these “investment” purchases? You love it, you want it, you have thought about it for long enough, but there was just a little somethin’-somethin’ that you disagreed with in either the design or color or functionality? Your purchase could be anything: cars, appliances, shoes, jewelry or even tech. Even though you were kind of deep down disappointed, because you really wanted it, you went ahead and bought it anyways.

Do Your Fave Luxury Brands Take Your Advice?
Do Your Fave Luxury Brands Take Your Advice?

You think to yourself, wow, if I could just reach out to somebody at this company and tell them what I think, then, maybe they would use my idea……

Well, now you can. And in ways never before possible and with some of the world’s largest, most luxurious brands.

Brands and marketers call this USER GENERATED BRANDING.

Who would have ever thought that brands like DeBeers, Mercedes and Christian Louboutin would do such a thing?

For DeBeers, their “Moments in Light” app celebrates women nominated by their peers for their brilliance. Just as a diamond is brilliant, DeBeers wants all women as celebrated their precious gems.

De Beers Celebrates Women via Moments in Light campaign
De Beers Celebrates Women via “Moments in Light” campaign







Mercedes Benz utilized their user generated branding in the most literal way. Customers were able to design their GLA model via an Instagram app. You can watch the brief GLA customization YouTube instructional video here.

Mercedes Benz GLA Build A Car Instagram App
Mercedes Benz GLA Build A Car Instagram App



Christian Louboutin cleverly took a fun multi-media approach celebrating the Spring/Summer 2015 “Tribalou”, collection launch. When email subscribers received their newsletter, it featured a large animated graphic of a Southwest Indian mask. The mask linked to the Louboutin website and landed on a build-your-own-paper-puppet feature. Most adorably, the puppets are called a “Tribaloubi”. When the user completed their design, they printed out their puppet and assembled it. Now that’s what I call brand interaction!

Your friends won’t do it.  Most likely your family and co-workers won’t either.  But now your favorite luxury brand will!  Go on, don’t hold back, send ’em your advice.

Have fun, and see if your ideas come to life in their next campaign.


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Christine C. Oddo is the author of The Christine Report blog and founder of Madison Luxe Group; a beauty and luxury product retail sales and digital strategy agency.

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Can Chanel Make 1957 Oh So 2015?

Has Chanel done it again? Has this storied fashion house of

Chanel Fall / Winter 2015

never-ending-goods-of-absolute-desire yet again reignited one of their very own legendary designs? Only the Chanel audience knows. The rest of us will know if we see it on the feet of devotees.

Gina Lollobrigida & Javier Rigau y Rafols

What we have on our hands here, or should I say feet, is the newest rendition relaunching the two-tone classic Chanel Slingback. Originally created in 1957, click this link to see the fabulous archived ’57 photo of Gina Lollobrigida and society’s finest wearing this classic shoe.  The photo has a tickle of animation featuring the famous two-tone, intended as Chanel noted, that the black cap will shorten the toe and the beige lengthens the leg.


Gina Lollobrigida 1957 Magazine Cover
Gina Lollobrigida 1957 Magazine Cover


In a crazy coincidence, Lollobrigida, once referred to as “the most beautiful woman in the world” is again in the news at 87 years old. She says her decades younger husband tricked her, via getting her to sign paperwork, into their marriage, and only for her estate.

We know Chanel is tops in fashion, but how will the fashionista social media elite respond is the other question.  Besides product sales, Social Media is the other sure way we’ll quickly learn if the relaunch of this classic is a hit. Response and Engagement from discriminating fashion societies reveal the truth for all to see and then emulate.

Lets look a little further into this social media terminology, “engagement”.  Social Media expert and Harvard professor, Dr. Lelia Samii,  states that,  Many think that the size of your community is the most important part of social media, however what is more important is ENGAGEMENT.” Dr. Samii is well known in her circles for devising the REALLY framework and strategy. Her REALLY program is an effective approach to the implementation and analysis of a brand’s social media efforts. REALLY stands for: Research, Engage, Analytics, Listen, Learn, You.

Sounds like marketing, doesn’t it?  In Chanel’s eternal branding genius, they generated 4 visually delicate but unmistakable vignettes that are just long enough to draw in the viewer, but short enough  to keep rapt attention.  Based on the rolled jeans and bike ride featured in the vignettes, this creative balance is precisely aimed at the Millennial target audience.  Be it 1957 or 2015, Chanel perpetuates their iconic aura.  Judging by the number of views and comments, and multiply this by 4- one for each featured vignette, it does appear that Chanel definitely engages their audience.

Watch Chanel’s Slingback Vignettes on YouTube

Chanel’s 2015 social media marketing of their 1957 slingback is undoubtedly on target.  Can’t wait to see them on all those feet.

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Christine C. Oddo is the author of The Christine Report blog and founder of Madison Luxe Group; a beauty and luxury product retail sales and digital strategy agency.

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