Premiere MOMENT #1 “It’s HIS Party” Mettie + Lunah’s Forever Journey

Can a new indiebrand really do this? New series launches today. Today’s MOMENT is called “It’s HIS Party”.

Background: Mettalusso wants to be something totally new and meaningful for you. As a startup, we have tried an entirely new model. We curated luxury lifestyle product with an original entertainment series. The series is called “Mettie + Lunah’s Forever Journey” Each episode is called- a MOMENT, with a question at the end called – the MULL. It’s the Lusso Family and the METTALUSO brand. #lighthousebrand #femalefounder #lovewins #cleanbeauty #makeup #skincare #cbd #cbdbeauty #luxury #thcfree #vegan #pets #dogsofinstagram #filmmaking #iamacreator #grateful #makeupaddicts, #makeuptutorials, #relationships #relationshipgoals #meaningoflife #meaningoflove #genderinclusive #veganmakeup #cleanbeautybossbabe #gamergirl

Premiere Episode MOMENT #1 “It’s HIS Party”

New Digital Entertainment Series Launching 12/31!

Teaser #2 is here! METTALUSSO is everyday #luxury product & #collaboration #influencers #entertainment #brand it means a lot to share. #digitalcontent series Mettie + Lunah’s Forever Journey. 12/31. All #characterdesign is completely original #community #communityloveūüíú

At the end of each MOMENT (episode) there is a question called MULL. We all get to share our answers within our community.

Mettalusso. Metta means love. Lusso means luxury.

Original New Entertainment! Enjoy Media and Shopping in a Whole New Way!!! Created by Mettalusso Love + Luxury

Enjoy a whole new form of entertainment created by METTALUSSO Love + Luxury. Meet Mettie + Lunah, they are the stars of our original new show. Their pets too, meet Manfred, Molly and Moon. We have created whole new short digital series so you can enjoy, be entertained and if you want, shop our everyday luxury products too.

New Original Series- Mettie + Lunah’s Forever Journey

Launching 1st Truly Gender-Inclusive Clinical Skin Care

Reporting the upcoming October 2017 launch of a clinically based and incredibly exclusive skin care formula.
It is INTENTIONALLY designed for equal & effective use for both MEN & WOMEN.

“As the new Chief Marketing Officer of this amazing new brand,

I am so pleased with the opportunity to be able to share aFront Panel Showing For Men and Women

truly gender inclusive and effective skin care product.”

Christine C. Oddo
CMO, ROOT of Skin
Our new brand is named


ROS Logo

Gang Rendering

The product was researched and developed in our private medical grade research facility. We also manufacture the core active ingredient complex-
SourceCode Technology
and it is only available exclusively within our product.
Expect new product applications coming soon in 2018!



Ho-Ho-Ho Yo-Yo-Yo How Did It Go-Go-Go??? How Were Your Holiday Sales?

So, how did it go?  Now that we’re getting through January, for sure you have already done your 2016 Holiday Sales review.  So, how did it go?  If you are not happy, hard to believe, but we now only have about 8 calendar months to implement change.  Can we do all that needs to be done in time, this time?

The key question for most brands and stores has become incredibly apparent-

Where did my customer shop?

Did I have a brand presence there?

Was my customer’s experience consistent?

In Other Words


Unified Commerce. ¬†It’s not just Omni-Channel.

What does UNIFIED mean exactly?¬† It means that presence or performance is no longer about where one can buy a product or find their retailer.¬† As marketers, we call each of these a channel.¬† Do you know what your customer calls it?¬† NOTHING. ¬†Sorry to be so blunt. ¬†That‚Äôs right, they refer to it as nothing.¬† Why?¬† Because our customers really don‚Äôt care what a channel is.¬† They only care about where they are and if they can easily purchase something.¬† We also need less emphasis and planning around ‚Äúchannel optimization‚ÄĚ, ‚Äútracking‚ÄĚ the target consumer, or ‚Äúomni-channel‚ÄĚ anymore, too. ¬†Technically these efforts will remain, but it is really all about the right marketing mind set and goals. ¬†Its time to truly begin to understand and implement brand transaction¬†strategies from the consumers‚Äô viewpoint.

Unified Commerce. ¬†It’s Technology and It’s Your Consumers’ Brand Experience.

2016 projected $30B spend on commerce unification software 



It is about a product or a brand transaction being seamlessly and instantly present across every platform.


Why Omni-Channel is Not The Same as UNIFIED

Here is a perfect true life example of my experience with an exclusive department store-           This retailer is definitely Omni-Channel but definitely not Unified.  When I fly into this city, I always look forward to shopping at this amazing destination.  When I purchase something that won’t fit my carry-on, I have to ship it back.  The brick and mortar purchase process will not allow it to be shipped to my PO Box.  So, the sales associate has to physically release the order at the exact right time so that it meets me at my house upon return from my trip and not sit on my front porch while I am away.  Then, I have to worry about my purchase sitting at the retailer for sometimes a week or more, depending on how long I am away. But, when I order online from this store, they will ship my package anywhere- including my PO Box. 


Dior Tribal Earrings My Must-Have Item Ordered Via Text Unified Commerce Needed Here
Dior Tribal Earrings My Must-Have Item Ordered Via Text

Most surprising to me was when I needed some extra help buying some incredible just-had-to-have runway earrings and I wanted a couple different pair to collect all at once. 

I called the store long distance and during this experience, I was able to order these pricey earrings from the sales associate literally via texting but, get this- they were not available for order via their website.  

Very confusing.                                                                    





Unified Commerce Needed Here The ECommerce, In-Store and Phone Ordering Brand Experience Completely Different
Unified Commerce Needed Here The ECommerce, In-Store and Phone Ordering Brand Experience Completely Different


So, time has come where the point of sale is no longer just about technology capability, channels or physical location of the purchase.


Unified commerce means that no matter where or when a consumer decides to buy, they can seamlessly, readily and easily transact their purchase AND to them, the transaction feels, looks and acts the same.  The consumer experiences little differences in their transaction options and brand interaction.  Also anyone in the organization that may be assisting in the transaction has the same information access and in real time.

Unified Commerce by National Retail Federation
Unified Commerce by National Retail Federation








Time flies.  Our consumer continues to expect more unity in their experience.  Can you be totally ready by the next holiday season?  Can you get Unified?



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