Premiere MOMENT #1 “It’s HIS Party” Mettie + Lunah’s Forever Journey

Can a new indiebrand really do this? New series launches today. Today’s MOMENT is called “It’s HIS Party”.

Background: Mettalusso wants to be something totally new and meaningful for you. As a startup, we have tried an entirely new model. We curated luxury lifestyle product with an original entertainment series. The series is called “Mettie + Lunah’s Forever Journey” Each episode is called- a MOMENT, with a question at the end called – the MULL. It’s the Lusso Family and the METTALUSO brand. #lighthousebrand #femalefounder #lovewins #cleanbeauty #makeup #skincare #cbd #cbdbeauty #luxury #thcfree #vegan #pets #dogsofinstagram #filmmaking #iamacreator #grateful #makeupaddicts, #makeuptutorials, #relationships #relationshipgoals #meaningoflife #meaningoflove #genderinclusive #veganmakeup #cleanbeautybossbabe #gamergirl

Premiere Episode MOMENT #1 “It’s HIS Party”

New Digital Entertainment Series Launching 12/31!

Teaser #2 is here! METTALUSSO is everyday #luxury product & #collaboration #influencers #entertainment #brand it means a lot to share. #digitalcontent series Mettie + Lunah’s Forever Journey. 12/31. All #characterdesign is completely original #community #communityloveūüíú

At the end of each MOMENT (episode) there is a question called MULL. We all get to share our answers within our community.

Mettalusso. Metta means love. Lusso means luxury.

Original New Entertainment! Enjoy Media and Shopping in a Whole New Way!!! Created by Mettalusso Love + Luxury

Enjoy a whole new form of entertainment created by METTALUSSO Love + Luxury. Meet Mettie + Lunah, they are the stars of our original new show. Their pets too, meet Manfred, Molly and Moon. We have created whole new short digital series so you can enjoy, be entertained and if you want, shop our everyday luxury products too.

New Original Series- Mettie + Lunah’s Forever Journey

Launching 1st Truly Gender-Inclusive Clinical Skin Care

Reporting the upcoming October 2017 launch of a clinically based and incredibly exclusive skin care formula.
It is INTENTIONALLY designed for equal & effective use for both MEN & WOMEN.

“As the new Chief Marketing Officer of this amazing new brand,

I am so pleased with the opportunity to be able to share aFront Panel Showing For Men and Women

truly gender inclusive and effective skin care product.”

Christine C. Oddo
CMO, ROOT of Skin
Our new brand is named


ROS Logo

Gang Rendering

The product was researched and developed in our private medical grade research facility. We also manufacture the core active ingredient complex-
SourceCode Technology
and it is only available exclusively within our product.
Expect new product applications coming soon in 2018!



Human to Human Marketing is The Digital Marketing Brand Promise Delivered

H2H- Are You Experienced? Human to Human – The Digital Promise Delivered

Jimi Hendrix was on the right track in many ways when he asked ‚ÄúAre You Experienced?‚ÄĚ

So what exactly is H2H?¬† No, it is not the latest Asian flu. ¬†Neither is it water—that is H2O. ¬†And its definitely not the latest networking app!

H2H is ‚ÄúHuman to Human‚ÄĚ

H2H is About Brands & Delivering on Their Digital Promise

Your digital promise is the full delivery of your brand’s experience to your consumer.  Sure, its easy to produce slick graphics and fabulous copy on a webpage and in social media.  But brands have to really ask themselves if they are also providing the human experience vis-a-vie their digital presentation.

At first this seems a bit crazy and if nothing else completely contradictory.¬† Isn‚Äôt the whole point of digital is that it’s exactly just that-digital? ¬†Not exactly.¬† What customers are demanding is the full range of a robust experience that a brand has to offer.¬† What seems to be new here really isn’t. ¬†But with digital in the mix, the rules of execution have been forever altered. ¬†Marketers know that consumers do not want to simply buy something, they want to fully experience it.¬† This means that brands now have to understand how to seamlessly deliver online and offline–with great humanness.

The rules of brand delivery and execution are forever changed.  

Missing the H2H portion of the brand delivery equates to treating your customer like a piece of digital meat!

Human to Human Marketing is The Digital Marketing Brand Promise Delivered
Human to Human Marketing is The Digital Marketing Brand Promise Delivered


This is nothing new because as far back as 1998, Joseph Pine and James Gilmore published ‚ÄúWelcome to the Experience Economy‚Ä̬†and the phrase was then forever coined.¬† They plotted The Progression of Economic Value graph.

The Progression of Economic Value Created in 1998
The Progression of Economic Value Created in 1998!

Even then in 1998, customers were demanding experiential immersion with a brand. With digital marketing, they are demanding it even more.  Its sort of a paradox.  The more brands deliver remotely, the more customers expect to be treated like a human.

“Its sort of a paradox. ¬†

The more brands deliver remotely, the more customers expect to be treated like a human.” ¬†

Farfetch, the digital platform featuring hundreds of impossible to find boutiques and merchandise, recently announced their “Store of the Future”. ¬†Check out this short video from Bloomberg.

Farfetch is setting the standard for digital delivery and human experience.

Farfetch founder, Jose Neves says:

“The next stage in the evolution of the fashion industry is the connected store, which uses technology to enhance the luxury retail experience to become even more customer centric,” he said. “Farfetch is at the crossroads of luxury and technology and is well placed to understand its needs and deliver a tailored solution.”

Jose Neves on LinkedIn-the Creator of Farfetch
Jose Neves on LinkedIn-the Creator of Farfetch

In their new retail store concept, Farfetch customers will experience the full immersion of humanity wrapped in a digital brand delivery.  Farfetch has executed an admirable business benchmark for H2H.

Is your brand ready for H2H?  Are you experienced?

Christine C. Oddo is the author of The Christine Report blog and founder of
Madison Luxe Group; a beauty and luxury product retail sales & digital strategy agency.
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Maximalism vs. Minimalism. What Meme Is Right for Your Brand?

Maximalism versus Minimalism.  If you created a campaign using a meme, which way would you go?  Which visual style is more representative of your brand?

More than ever before, visual impact takes the lead role in brand presence.  Memes are an excellent tool for delivering incredible visuals while identifying with your target consumer.  In the not-to-distant-past campaigns relied heavily, and successfully, only on their creative and production capabilities.  Our digital media world has changed all that. Creative is no longer perceived and judged just as award-winning art-for-art’s-sake.  It now has to be conceived with the notion that it can go viral Рand we all know that creating the magic of going viral is the killer hack in digital branding.  Now not only does creative have to be flawless and fitting, it must also be able to go into full viral motion.

Memes are a leading way to instantly deliver your brand message.

So, will you go with the Maximalist pow and deliver eye candy straight between the reader’s eyes? ¬†Or, is it more fitting for your brand to play it cool and draw them in with a I-couldn’t-care-less-about-how amazing-I-look-‘tude?

Gucci’s latest Watch campaign is obviously continuing their trend in¬†Maximalist¬†fashion.

Check out some of their recent campaign memes.  The copy is critical too!

Gucci Meme 1Gucci Meme 2Gucci Meme 3

Want to understand how Gucci is utilizing memes into their campaign?

Read Australian Vogue’s article here.

Vogue Australia with Karlie Kloss








Now that you have experienced Maximalism, let’s see the difference with Minimalism. What Vetements¬†just did is simply way too cool.

Vetememes the Vetements Meme Jacket Sold Out
Vetememes the Vetements Meme Jacket

Burberry’s Art of The Trench campaign is iconic for its minimalist imagery and impact. They¬†further capitalized on their viral success with a¬†flawlessly linked execution via brick & mortar and engaging user generated content.

Burberry's Art of The Trench Campaign Utilizes Memes, Brick & Mortar and User Generated Content
Burberry’s Art of The Trench Campaign Utilizes Memes, Brick & Mortar and User Generated Content










What Burberry’s did is extremely important. ¬†It illustrates the opportunity for how a brand can lead an entire robust campaign with a single piece of developed creative.

We now know the importance and opportunities of memes.  So what will it be- Maximilism or Minimalism?


headshot-from-christmasChristine C. Oddo is the founder of Madison Luxe Group a beauty and luxury product retail sales and digital strategy agency and author of The Christine Report blog.

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