Pet Adoption is on the Rise. Pets Thoughts on This Idea.

MOMENTS with Mettie and Lunah Lusso. Pet adoption is on the rise. Pets might have some thoughts on the idea! Enjoy. Originals by Mettalusso. The world’s 1st clean products brand for people + pets.

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Free Makeup Brush

Free Makeup Brush! Let’s have some Summer fun. Join us in our ‘Love Letters’ (no boring ol’ newsletter) and get this awesome free makeup brush. You will love this brush- iti’s great with powders and liquids.

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Mettalussso. Metta means Love. Lusso means Luxury.

We are the world’s 1st vegan clean beauty for people + pets.

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Think You Know Influencers? Think Again! Mettalusso ‘Meet the Influencer’ Series

Think you know influencers? Think again! New episode of ‘Mettalusso Meet the Influencer’ is here.
Featuring @ritzy_rina We are so #grateful to work with this amazing pro hairstylist + #influencer.
You will find her in York, PA in their incredible salon set in a most amazing historic property.
Carina is fully certified for covid19 management and ready to bring her styling back to the world and all her clients that she misses so much!

Mettalusso ‘Meet The Influencer’ Series! Think you know influencers? Think again. Meet Carina, the ultimate professional hair stylist.
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Instant Makeup Tips with Mettalusso Shares Series

Mettalusso Shares Series! Instant Makeup Tips from our fabulous Makeup Artists. Bold Brows can be beautiful. Check @martharstanley Her brows are definitely bold, but they are perfectly balanced to the shape of her eyes and face. Strong femininity but not distracting or visually overwhelming. Beautiful!

MASTER BLENDER. Get The Look at Mettalusso


Perfect Illumination for all Skin Tones! Finish pressed powder completes the perfect look. Free Shipping Always in the US. Vegan Clean Beauty. Any questions? contact us by email for immediate response.


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Eyeliner Required- SO Get The Best

Get the right eyeliner to get the right look. 2 tips gets you there. MULTI Dual Felt Tip eyeliner by Mettalusso is high performance Vegan Luxury Makeup. Free Shipping Always in the US.

MULTI DUAL Tip Vegan Eyeliner by Mettalusso

MULTI DUAL Tip Vegan Eyeliner

Get the best eyeliner to get the best look! 2 tips will get you there.


Butch the french Bulldog- Our Newest Influencer!

Butch is our latest influencer! He loves our Blueberry Organic Baked Treats. He also loves his makeup artists “momager @thebeautytherapistmua on Instagram.

We love having Butchie on the Mettalusso team.

The Mettalusso MORE Collection for pets is all natural treats and world’s 1st #cleanbeauty brand for pets!

Mettalusso is the world’s 1st clean beauty + vegan for pets!

Blueberry Natural Flavored/Organic Dog Treats

Baked with all natural flavoring and free of corn, wheat, fillers synthetic preservatives and non-GMO. Dogs totally love them! With anti-oxidants for skin and fur support.


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Live Announcement- We Are World’s 1st Clean + Vegan Pet Beauty Company!

Live announcement- We are the World’s 1st Brand to create clean beauty products for both people and pets.

Clean Beauty + Vegan Cleansing Wipes for Dogs + Cats by Mettalusso available now.

We use the same ingredient lists published by Sephora and Whole Foods for our pet clean beauty.

World’s 1st Clean + Vegan Pet Beauty Company Mettalusso

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MORE Clean Beauty + Vegan Pet Wipes for Dogs + Cats

World's 1st company to create clean beauty + vegan products for both people + pets. We use the same restricted ingredients lists as published by Sephora and Whole Foods. 30 count 100% cotton cloth wipes condition fur + skin.


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Its super easy. Just send us your email and shipping address and we will get it out to you asap. Signing up for our Love Letter program is all it takes. Mettalusso sends Love Letters, not boring ol’ newsletters.

Everybody loves this brush, it will be your go-to!

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April Rocks on Appreciation- Aretha Franklin Released ‘RESPECT’ today!

Aretha Franklin released her most famous song RESPECT today!

We all know this one.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T yaaaas!

April is for Appreciation is for amazing historical moments- like the one we are now living. Today’s #inspo for those brave enough that went before us.

April Rocks on Appreciation! This month’s series by Mettalusso spotlights amazing facts and events of those that went before us. History proves over and over that we overcome. This series has lots of fun and also honors those that have gone before us and shines a light for all we are going through now. You are not alone. Stay tight. Stay together. You are appreciated. Mettalusso. Metta means love. Lusso means luxury.

April Rocks on Appreciation by Mettalusso

Special Appreciation code for $5 off any order April2020 from Mettalusso!  We are everyday luxury products for people + pets.

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April Rocks on Appreciation- The Mutiny on the Bounty Happened Today!

April is for Appreciation is for amazing historical moments- like the one we are now living. Today’s #inspo for those brave enough that went before us. The famous Mutiny on the Bounty happened today in 1789! They overthrew the intolerable Captain Bligh and stayed on the islands of Tahiti. Those that overthrew the Captain still have ancestors on the island today! At least 5 movies have been made about this day in history.

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