Australia Seeks to Reveal Social Media Trolls

Tired of trolls, hate and the anonymity on social media that allows it? Then, you might find this interesting.
Australia may be paving the way.

Australia Seeks to Reveal Social Media Trolls. Breaking news on Sunday is that the Australian government is taking additional steps towards making social media platforms, a news media company on that platform and the individual that creates a hateful or untrue post on their account, liable and/or exposed for it.
For example, lets just say that a magazine has a social media account. Then, one of their readers posts harmful content on their initial post-then the media company is responsible-because it was their original post that started it.

Will Australia’s efforts help stop hateful social media posts?

THEN, if a complaint is made about the harmful post, the Social Media platform that the posts are on, could be required to reveal the contact information of the person that wrote it. OR, they too could receive a case against them.
The news giant, CNN, took big action from this ruling-

In September @wsj reported on @cnn : “Facebook users in Australia will no longer have access to major pages run by the network, including its primary Facebook page, its CNN International page and pages dedicated to its shows, a CNN spokeswoman said.
CNN, a unit of AT&T Inc.’s WarnerMedia, appears to be the first major U.S. media organization to publicly restrict Australian access to its Facebook pages following a ruling this month from the High Court of Australia that made news organizations legally liable for comments on their Facebook pages.”

Will this position trickle across the globe, or will the Aussies be alone in their position? You can bet US politicians are watching.

From your grateful author. Founder of Mettalusso, the world’s 1st brand of vegan products for people + pets and avid social media user.

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